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My business has been working closely with Auction Factory for the past few months to outfit our upcomming restaurant. Rus and his team have been ridiculously helpful and have allowed us to come in under budget on equipment by a massive amount. Whether you’re opening a restaurant, a spa, or just looking for something for person use Auction Factory can help. We won’t work with anybody else for what we need.
Jeremy Umansky. - Cleveland, OH
I recently had Tina sell some surplus equipment for me. Her crew did a fine job of loading and even cleaned some pieces that we hadn't had time to. I had bought the inventory of a competitors cafe and had them sell what we didn't need. She advertises well and seems to have a great set of buyers as the equipment all sold for good prices. I have also bought several pieces of equipment through her and have always been pleased to find them just as described. Look forward to a long relationship with her and her crew. Ollie Sr.
Ollie LaGrand Sr. - Van Buren, AR
What a great experience!
Anthony Agresti. - San Francisco, CA
Hey Russ this is Bryan Barnes with Barnes Property Management. Your guys just delivered my refrigerated prep table and I just wanted you to know they were great and very helpful!! They helped me get it inside and I really appreciate that. I just wanted to let you know they represented you and your company very well!!
Bryan Barnes. - Sheffield Lake , OH
Recently purchased some commercial printing equipment from Russ at Auction Factory. Equipment was exactly as described and represented. Russ reassured me that everything was in top condition. I bought sight unseen. Which I knew I was taking a chance. After getting equipment back to the shop we cleaned it and tested. Everything was as promised. Very Happy. Got a great deal on some great equipment! Russ is a straight shooter! Would buy from again no questions asked! Thanks Russ to you and your team at Auction Factory
Dustin Hall. - Columbus , OH
I was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of November 2017 and I had begun the process of closing my store. I stressed myself out over what to do with my equipment and small wares. Through a network search I found Russ at Auction Factory; once I explained to him what was going on he was onsite within a matter of days. Words cannot begin to express the gratitude I have towards Russ; He's a straight forward kinda guy. He wasn't about blowing smoke and I respect that. I'm not the kind of person that likes to be "sold" but I never questioned anything Russ said. He and his crew showed up on time [they were actually early], they had my entire store packed up in less than 3 hours, from bubble wrap to blankets...they took pride in the tetras game they played getting the trucked loaded from top to bottom. He took what he knew would sell and left what wouldn't [which was nothing]; he even had to remind me to stop helping numerous times because I'm not one that likes to stand around and watch other people work. Not once did I ever hear a complaint from Russ or his crew about the amount of equipment they needed to remove; they were actually laughing and joking which tells me they were enjoying their work. If you’re ready to sell your equipment give Russ and his team the chance to do it for you. You won’t be disappointed and he’ll get the job done above your expectations. I'm so glad that I found Russ and his team....Thanks Russl for a fantastic job!
Michael Bennett. - Radcliff, KY
I tried selling my frozen yogurt shop myself with little response to the online ads. I tried having a company from a big city try to sell it all for me. They were unable to come up with a buyer. The time was ticking away and I knew I was either going to have to sell it or find storage for it. Through the advertising process (6 weeks), I was contacted by several online auction companies including Russell here at Auction Factory. There was something about his honesty and straightforward approach that told me he was the one to go with. I’m not saying the other companies weren’t good companies, but they didn’t have the same spunk as Russell. I prefer to do business with someone that shoots straight, tells it like it is and isn’t full of bull. People that come of as sales people turn me off when it comes to doing what’s right for me. Russell is a straight shooter and managed my expectations very well. When I finally pulled the trigger on letting Russell take care of things. He sent a contract on Wednesday and was onsite loading equipment on Saturday. It was smooth and basically hands free for me. He and the crew were great. They showed up when they said they would, took care of all my equipment to make sure it didn’t get damaged and basically told me to stop helping. (I’m the type of person that can’t stand to watch others work and not do something.) Russell and the crew were in and out in under 4 hours with my entire store packed and loaded on the truck. He didn’t realize how much I actually had and wound up having to rent a truck to get everything back, but I never once heard a complaint and they still got it done under 4 hours. If you’re ready to sell your equipment, 1 piece or an entire store, give Russell and his team the chance to do it for you. You won’t be disappointed and he’ll get the job done above your expectations. Oh yeah, the actual auction was so smooth and seamless, I barely knew it was happening. Russell took care of everything and I wound up getting more money than I expected. Thanks Russell for a fantastic job! I will be using Russell and Auction Factory again in the future.
Aaron M. - Tullahoma, TN
After purchasing some equipment from other online auction sites, and not being very pleased with how their grading was, I found Russ and Auction Factory. It is very refreshing to find someone who says what he does and does what he says. So far we haven't had any complaints with anything we have purchased through Auction Factory. Very professional and very reasonable delivery charges. Would highly recommend Russ to anybody who asks.
Duane Anthony. - Mercer, PA
My husband and I have recently entered into a few of the Auctions and have been extremely happy with every item we have won. The grading on the equipment is EXACTLY the condition it is in. Russ has been very helpful and very pleasant answering any and all questions we may have had, we feel very comfortable working with him. From the Warehouse personal to delivery guys we cant thank them enough. Its been a pleasure working with them and will continue to do business with Russ and his team in the future. Thank you Tom and Bobbie Pete
Thomas Pete. - Painesville, OH
Russ I can't say enough about the job you did for my husband and I. Your staff was professional and very knowledgeable. To even go as far as to sweep and clean after the sale say's it all. I'm glad we went with Auction Factory for sure. Job Well Done!
Caroline Plugge. - Dalles, TX
Russ...cannot say enough about the professional job that was done liquidating our store. You and your crew were quick and efficient from start to finish. We would recommend you highly. Bill & Diane .
Diane Faulk. - Olmsted Falls, OH

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