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AUCTION FACTORY is contacted for one or more of the following reasons: estate auctions, supermarket auctions, tanning salon auctions, memorabilia auctions, pizza shop auctions, college and university auctions, frozen yogurt auctions, farm equipment auctions, and much more. This leads to setting up an emergency team to help protect the safety of bidders and auctioneers from any incurable damages/lost.


We believe that when the auctioning off any of your assets is vital to your business, that is the time you will need to reach us for an emergency AUCTION service. Not being able to get in contact with US is not what you should worry about because our EMERGENCY team is always on board to answer your CALLS or EMAILS. 888-570-1153 Info@auctionfactory.com


The company has also set up a solid planning team that includes both managers and staff with the appropriate set of skills and experience to conduct the emergency preparedness process.


One of the main reasons for setting up an emergency team is the emerging trend of moving homes for sale through auctions. It is seen as a logical option when selling homes in the fast lane. Going for better selling opportunities by putting homes on the auction block is turning out to be a viable strategy for those who want a quick sale of their properties. This is especially viable when conditions allow for more flexibility when it comes to the final selling price of the home being sold through auction.


There are numerous situations which could get you looking for information on how to get rid of a house quickly, from a situation where you are pressed by a creditor for fast repayment of a debt (with the threat of having the house auctioned for a song to service the debt hanging over you) to a situation where you have gotten into some sort of financial emergency requiring a huge sum of money. Speed or quick response is a powerful differentiator. A few years ago, the big differentiator was EMERGENCY SERVICE.


There are two routes to choose from when you decide to go for auction. The absolute auction involves the sale of the property to the highest bidder. This auction type is a surefire way of selling your property when your primary concern is the speed by which you can make the sale.


However, this type of auction will leave you with no other recourse but to accept whatever amount the winning bidder submits. This makes it a risky proposition, and you must seriously assess your chances and manage your risk so that you don't get burned when you opt for this type of auction.


At AUCTION FACTORY, we have the personnel and already set up tools to halt emergency. We are ever committed to ensuring the safety of our customers and their properties.



For more information, kindly reach us at: 888-570-1153 or Info@auctionfactory.com.

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