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About Us


At Auction Factory, we realize that an auction might be a once-in-a-lifetime or first-time experience for you. There's a lot you may not know about the auction process. That's why you need an expert on your side, helping you every step of the way. And with over 30 years of experience the Auction Factory team is the best choice for selling your online business.

Auction Factory’s family of franchises have assisted hundreds of business owners like yourself minimize the financial impact of closing. We handle every aspect of turning your tangible assets into cash and we do so quickly and efficiently, preserving the dignity of the business you worked so hard to grow. 

Our team works solely on a commission basis, ensuring a high level of integrity and dedication to maximizing every dollar. The more we help you recover, the better our team’s reward for another job well done.

We provide both public and private sectors the benefits of a nationwide audience for their auction as well as a research platform to determine fair market value for their items by allowing access to view the results of previous auctions and therefore their final selling prices. Fair market value is a guideline for what you can expect to receive for your own furniture, fixtures, equipment, supplies and other assets.

Auction Factory is known for its innovation and continues to lead the auction industry by formulating new techniques in the auction method of marketing. Our marketing methods have produced highly successful sales with condo auctions (retail and bulk condos), residential auctions including luxury homes, commercial industrial auctions, bankruptcy auctions, repossession auctions, storage locker auctions, restaurant, bakery and catering auctions, scratch and dent, returns and overstock pallet auctions, all simulcast with live online bidding from anywhere in the world.

We understand that the success of every auction depends on effective marketing and promotion. Auction Factory has received numerous National and State auction marketing awards. This recognition from our colleagues identifies our staff as a progessive and creative firm ready to apply our services to your project. The auction method of marketing offers sellers unparalleled options and technology for the liquidation of real property. Our team is ready to produce a successful auction to maximize your return.

Auction Factory is the nation’s largest privately owned online auction company.. Our auction team has worked together for over 20 years. At Auction Factory, we are constantly exploring and adapting to new and innovative marketing techniques. Auctions are a great example of finding fair market value and our company's goal is to give our buyers and sellers a transparent platform for their asset liquidation auctions.

The most rewarding part of what we do is the genuine appreciation not just for the amount of money recovered – which is substantial – but the amount of time saved. Weeks, months, multiple resources tied up with less than desirable results. Working on commission helps maintain integrity – the more we help you recover, the better our team’s reward for another job well done.


Auction Factory’s group of trained professionals will handle the disconnection, dismantling, packing, moving, and cleaning of every item from the hood to the silverware, take inventory and photographs, upload and list each item individually to maximize exposure and return, advertise nationwide and answer every inquiry and viewing for 2 weeks, facilitate sales to the highest bidders, arrange pickup, shipping and delivery at buyer cost, provide a detailed results record and deliver certified funds directly to your organization. We can also work directly with any lenders holding interest in any of the goods acquired and liquidated, landlords or property managers as well as providing proof of insurance to any interested parties. On average, lenders report a 40% higher return when using Auction Factory vs. other selling platforms, helping us remain the sole provider of full-service asset remarketing for companies like Asset Recovery Services.


We have the capacity to handle any size or quantity of locations across the nation at any of our locations. With over 400 restaurants closing every day in the US, we estimate our schedule to fill quickly – call us NOW at 888-570-1153 to ensure the most availability.


We look forward to providing you with the best experience.


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